Customs clearance – a preparation process of documents for a smooth product translocation across the border (import or export).
Specialists of our company will help you to collect all necessary set of documents for customs clearance of products, as well tell which approval documents are required in accordance with the Ukrainian customs tariff code for product import or export to Ukraine. As well, we will help you to execute a conclusion on a Ukrainian or European customs tariff code, see more details in section Conclusion of the Trade –Industrial Chamber.
Term for cargo customs clearance: 3-5 days.
As well, specialists of our company will help you to collect all the necessary set of documents to get smoothly the compliance certificate which is necessary for customs clearance and customs control, see more details in section Certificate UKRSEPRO.
A product may be imported to Ukraine only in the event if the product is officially registered in accordance with the legislative requirements. We may help you with product registration, see more details in sections: Drug registration, Registration of disinfectants, insecticides, repellents, Registration of cosmetic products, Registration of medical devices, medical equipment.