Registration of disinfectants within 2 weeks
Registration of disinfectants, insecticides, repellents – an execution process of toxicological and bacteriological studies (or biological – insecticides, repellents) for further registration in Ukraine.
For registration of disinfectants (insecticides), you should have (for import):
— product supply contract to Ukraine;
— application;
— manufacturer’s protocols of bacteriological (or biological) and toxicological studies;
— safety data sheet for an active substance;
— product samples;
— extract of an applicant company from the Uniform State Registry;
— instruction for the use;
— draft labeling.
For registration of repellents (disinfectants, insecticides) of a national manufacturer:
— Technical specifications (our company may help you here, see more details in section Development of technical specifications);
— application;
— company’s extract from USR;
— draft instruction for the use;
— draft labeling;
— safety data sheet for an active substance.
As well, our company provides services on composition development with the minimum amount of an active substance which will be active and will not have a toxic action. You can see more details here: Development of a disinfectant composition.
Registration terms for insecticides (a disinfectant) – 2-4 weeks.
Specialists of our company will help you to collect a minimum set of documents for registration.
As well, we advise you to see other registration services:
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• Compliance assessment of medical devices and equipment
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Registration of disinfectants totally for 2 weeks