Registration of biologically active additives – a process of all necessary tests and document checking of compliance of biologically active additives with safety standards.
All biologically active additives are divided to three groups:
— products for a specific dietary use;
— functional food product;
— dietary supplements.
Now, the procedure for registration of biologically active additives lies in development of technical specifications, then a sanitary and hygienic conclusion is executed on the TS (specialists of our company will help you to develop and register TS, see more details in section Development and registration of TS), necessary chemical and toxicological tests are made, and labeling and instruction for the use is approved.
Specialists of our company provide good quality services on registration of biologically active additives.
Documents for registration of biologically active supplements:
— application;
— Technical specifications;
— product samples;
— manufacturer declaration – for foreign biologically active additives;
As well, you can undergo a voluntary certification UKRSEPRO. The certificate is executed for 1 year.
Time necessary for registration and certification of biologically active additives: 10-14 days.
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