Now our company can insure your responsibility for the quality of drugs. This implies that we can insure the risks of adverse reactions, and, in the case of such a patient, the patient will be compensated by the insurance company, not the manufacturer. Insurance can spread not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also in the CIS countries and Europe.

The cost of insurance coverage for the insurance of drugs is influenced by the following factors:

1. Limit of liability, which the company buys

2. The volume of planned sales (in money and in pieces)

3. Number of drugs, scope, active ingredient

4. Countries in which the product is planned to be sold.

Insurance for the responsibility for the quality of drugs is a completely new service in the Ukrainian market, before that, only life insurance services were provided for patients during clinical trials of medicines. The quality insurance of drugs is the main requirement for the sale of products in European countries.
The term for processing the contract of insurance of liability for the quality of drugs: 3 days.

Also, our company can help you with the registration of medicines (for more details, see Registration of drugs).