Composition development of disinfectants (drugs, BAA) – research works on development of a new product with a new composition which has a minimum concentration of an active substance and shows efficacy.
Our company provides services on development of composition of disinfectants with further pre-authorization studies in research institutes to confirm efficacy of a new product.
As well, specialists of our company provide services on development of a new drug product or BAA (biologically active additive) with execution of quality control methods. In such a case, laboratory, preclinical and clinical studies will be also carried out.
Term of work execution: starting from 30 days depending on difficulty of assigned task.
After composition development, stages of the firs product testing start: preclinical and clinical studies. After successful completion of studies, a finished product is submitted for registration.
Our specialists provide services starting from composition development for disinfectants (drugs, BAA) and ending with a product registration and market release.
As well, specialists of the company will help you in further product registration, see more details in sections: Drug registration, Registration of medical devices, Registration of biologically active additives.
Accreditation – process of checking medical centers by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for compliance with the requirements of the licensing conditions for medical practice. Accreditation should be undergone already 2.5 years after a license is obtained.
Main reasons of refusal in issue of an accreditation certificate:
— SES conclusion for the premises in which medical practice is made, is incorrectly executed;
— medical advanced training certificates are not valid as more than 5 years have passed since the last one has been obtained;
— physician specialties which have been stated in inventories at license execution do not coincide with the valid specialties in which the activity is made;
— chief physician courses are delayed.
Specialists of our company will help you to avoid the mistakes, and moreover, will tell how to minimize accreditation expenses.