Development and registration of technical specifications –a regulatory document which described a process for a finished product development and control.
Technical specifications may be executed on:
— food group of products;
— industrial group of products;
— disinfectants (repellents, insecticides). As well, we may help in a smooth registration of a disinfectant, see more details in section Registration of disinfectants;
— biologically active substances. As well, specialists of our company will help you in development of BAA composition, see more details section Development of composition of BAA, disinfectants.
— medical devices.
Term for TS development: 14 working days.
Term for TS registration in the State Standard: 1-2 days.
After that, a sanitary and hygienic conclusion is executed, a conclusion on regulatory documents (technical specifications), is executed for a validity period of TS. And then – Technical specifications are registered in the Ukrainian State Standard, and only one owner is a rights holder. Technical specifications may be transferred to a third party for common use or individual use under a common use agreement or a copyright transfer agreement.
Specialists of our company will help to collect a minimum set of documents for start of work on development of technical product specifications (or regulatory documents).