Drug wholesale license for pharmaceutical enterprises – a type of business activity in which a pharmaceutical enterprise has a right to sell drugs.
For that, you should have premises not less than 250 m2.
Main requirements to premises (licensed warehouse) for drug wholesale:
— premises should be isolated, have a separate entry/exit:
— near the exit, a loading- unloading platform should be located for unhindered access of vehicles;
— a building should be a non-housing property;
— a warehouse should equipped with special areas: admission, control, quarantine, consolidation and release. All drugs should be registered in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation. Specialists of our company will help you here (see more details section Drug registration);
— narcotic, psychotropic, immunobiological, thermolabile, inflammable drugs should be stored as a separate storage areas. As well, you should get storage and sales license for narcotic, psychotropic substances. Specialists of our company will help you to execute the license as soon as possible, see more details in section License on narcotic drugs precursors.
Qualification requirements to a warehouse head:
— pharmaceutical education diploma;
— certificate on confirmation of a pharmacist title.
Documents which are necessary to get the drug wholesale license:
— applications;
— inventories on the presence of a material and technical base, and staff qualification;
— rental agreement (or ownership) on premises;
— information on a warehouse head;
— equipment information;
— premises layout;
— power of attorney for submission of a set of documents.
After submission of documents, a warehouse in which drug wholesale will be performed, will be inspected on-site by employees of the State Agency.
Specialists of our company will help you to collect all the necessary set of documents for license submission. As well, specialists of our company will help you to execute the Drug import license for foreign drugs.
License execution term: 10-15 working days.