License execution from the first submission to the single window.
Medical practice license (in accordance with the “Licensing conditions” approved by order of MoH №49 dated 02.02.2011) — a type of business activity which made by medical institutions. The medical practice license may be issued both to individuals (I) and legal entities (LLC, PP).
To get a medical license, you should have:
— a registered individual or a legal entity;
— staff having appropriate specialization in accordance with the specialty declared in the license (you may see the nomenclature of medical specialties in order of MoH №359 dated 19.12.1997;
— rental agreement (or ownership agreement) on the premises in which the activity on medical practice will be made;
— certificate of a sanitary and epidemiological examination of the object (premises in which the activity on medical practice will be made (our company also provides services of such type, see SES on premises).
— presence of corresponding material and technical basе of a medical equipment (USE apparatus, computerized tomograph, halter, X-ray) with the use of which the activity will be made. It is important that all medical equipment should be officially registered. Our company may help you here, see in section Registration of medical devices (medical equipment).
To execute the license for medical services, the following documents should be submitted to MoH:
— application;
— inventories of a material and technical base and staff specifying their educational and qualification level;
— power of attorney for submission (if documents are submitted not by an enterprise leader himself).
Medical practice license – termless, but every 3 years, a medical institution should undergo accreditation and get an accreditation certificate (our company also provides such services, see Accreditation of medical institutions).
License execution term: 10-15 working days.
License execution from the first submission of documents to the single window.