Accreditation of medical institutions – every 3 years of their activity, all and any medical centers should undergo accreditation.
Licensing a medical institution in Ukraine is made in accordance with the order of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers dated 15.07.1997 №765.
Documents which are necessary for submission:
— application;
— copy of a medical institution charter;
— copy of a rental agreement (or ownership) for the premises in which medical practice is made;
— copy of the medical practice license;
— structure of a medical institution;
— copy of the premises examination certificate by the Sanitary and epidemiological service. Our company may help you here, see more details in section Sanitary and hygienic conclusions for premises;
— medical staff report;
— treatment activity report for 3 years;
— analysis and assessment of an institution activity regarding quality.
After submission of documents to the Single window at the Ministry of Health, the authorized MoH commission comes to the activity site in medical practice. After a successful accreditation, a certificate on medical institution accreditation is issued.
Specialists of our company will help you in collection of documents for licensing and accreditation of medical institutions. Read more details on medical practice licensing in section Medical practice licensing.
Term execution: 15-30 working days.